Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest in Central Illinois in a wee town of about 30,000.

I grew up with a Scottish father that was in the infantry and belonged to a bagpipe band. Because of this I have an inappropriate mindset, a brilliant sense of humour and can make a sailor blush if need be.

My mum was a teacher and innocent until she met my dad and once I grew up she may have lost all innocence. However her sweet, kind and innocent demeanor balances out the traits I learned from my father, the infantry and pipe bands. It helps me remain a lady with grace, class and decorum.

I am an only child so I had to entertain myself growing up. I directly correlate that to why I am always up for a good time and being silly. You can ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I am a damn good time. I rarely say no to situations as I see them as an opportunity for a good time and an even better story for later.

People say I have a heart bigger than Texas. I will always be there for my loved ones, volunteer to help others and think the best of anyone and the world no matter how much negativity is out there. I have also been told I am too positive. I take that as a compliment because can you really be too positive?

Luckily for me my uncles lived numerous places so I could visit the country as I grew up and finally settling in Chicago which became the city I fell in love with. My grandparents also had the travel bug and I was able to travel with them to many places as well.


I was living the life in, in the city I love, Chicago. My neighbourhood, Lakeview East, was everything. Next thing I know, took a leap of faith and moved to Inverness, Scotland in December 2016. What an experience it has been.

Being a 30-something female anymore provides a lot of shit to handle. I am not always the best at “adulting”. One moment I think I have my life together and I am totally winning. The next I am driving the struggle bus with one hand on the wheel and using my other hand to shove tacos in my face as I try to get through life.

I just try to breath it all in and love it all. I wake up each day with a positive attitude and take on the day like a champ. However somedays are ended with me in my nightie on, in bed by 5:30 and snuggling my dog aka Zan aka furry bitch aka Bams aka the princess.

This blog is me just sharing my life with others to let them know they are not alone. We are all going through the same shit, but we can go through all of it together while staying positive and classy. I hope to bring a smile to your face, laughter to fill the room, inspiration to be a better you and motivation to live the best life you can.

Fun Facts:

  • Cubs Fan
  • Scottish Highland Dancer
  • Tacos. Are. Everything. And Cheese. Cheese and Tacos. Tacos and Cheese.
  • Squirrel lover
    • Who am I kidding. Animal lover. I want a pig, a wee pony, sheep, goats, dogs, a sloth, hedgehog, a monkey, a penguin. Just a wee farm really.
  • Traveller
  • Having my own children is not for me
  • Spiritual
  • Try so hard to be a minimalist
  • 13 is my lucky number
  •  Daughter of a Black Watch soldier. That basically translates into do not fuck with me
  • Scotch drinker – Glenlivet 12 year
  • Beer = Guinness and Bel Haven usually. Old Style when I am at Wrigley.
  • Loads of energy. Like I do not drink coffee because I do not need the caffeine. Not even in the morning.
  • Runner
  • Naps are what I live for somedays
  • Dual citizen – US & UK
  • Somedays I just want to wear underwear and a crown while eating cupcakes
  • A damn good time really

Instagram = https://www.instagram.com/chicurbanhippie/


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